Edition 2019

Report from the previous edition of the event


On October 24th-25th, 2019, over a thousand participants from all over the country met in Olsztyn. The leitmotif of the seventh edition of the Congress was the Digital Economy and Society. Development prospects.


During the event, we hosted people from the highest levels in their institutions, thanks to which the talks during the Congress and the solutions developed could be translated into practical activities and resulted in establishing long-term contacts.


The Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship deals with image building based on nationwide media. It is the publisher of Forum Przedsiębiorczości – a supplement to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Biznes Plus – a supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza and the organizer of the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship and nationwide industry conferences.


For many years, we have been taking care of the image of Polish companies, institutions, local governments and universities. We associate potential business partners with each other, giving them the opportunity to exchange experience and solutions to strengthen the potential of the Polish economy.


We believe that by taking appropriate image-building activities, you can introduce a new quality. We want to talk on important and current topics, using media tools, in particular the printed press. We take up challenges that affect the development of the Polish economy. We support Polish brands and companies that have good prospects and are not afraid of creative solutions.


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