09:00:00 - 09:15:00

Inauguration of the Congress

Registration will be open from 8:00.
09:15:00 - 10:45:00

Inaugural session

  • What investments does the Polish economy need?
  • Politics and industry. Where does state interference begin and end?
  • Economy 4.0 - are we able to catch up with Europe?
  • The place of Poland in Europe. Are we fully using our potential?
  • Business-science-administration. Effective collaboration tools
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Who shapes the labor market - employee or employer?

  • Employee Capital Plans - a revolution in the pension system
  • Impact of government programs on the shape of the labor market
  • Support options for employment offices
  • New technologies in the HR market
  • Employee contracts - legislative changes
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Health care in Poland

  • Innovations in the medical industry. From science to business
  • Different forms of financing patient care
  • Hospital of the future. Financing new technologies
  • Health programs and campaigns. Success examples
  • Ethics and responsibility and entrepreneurship in the medical sector
  • Is it better to prevent or cure?
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Corporate social responsibility

  • Employer of choice
  • Sustainable development and business
  • A company as a good neighbor and citizen
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  • Good CSR practices in Poland
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    The prospect of local government development

  • Term of 2018-2023. Vision and perspectives
  • Development of local governments after 2020
  • The role of self-government in building the business environment - education and investments
  • Regional development and local community
  • How to stop a resident. Challenges for Polish local governments
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    The role of higher education in shaping the Polish economy

  • How to teach and educate for the future?
  • Technology transfer center. Is this the only way to cooperate with business?
  • Constitution for Science. Which way should Polish universities follow?
  • Dual training. College's response to the needs of the labor market
  • Business approach to student education and university management
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    Modern services for business

  • Digitization as a chance for SME development
  • Big Data as a way to "personalize" the client
  • Modern enterprise support tools
  • EU funds and entrepreneurship. Is external support profitable?
  • Business grows in the cloud
  • Ways to protect sensitive data
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    The power of women in the economy

  • Increase in the share of women in shaping the global economy
  • Impact of government programs on the role of women in business
  • How to fight stereotypes?
  • Modern technologies or the beauty market? Success examples
  • Development of the service industry dedicated to women
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    Smart city - a new vision of the city's functioning

  • Services that improve the quality of life in the city
  • Can Poland successfully participate in electromobility?
  • Mobility and efficient public transport
  • Smart City towards an aging society
  • Smart city in Polish. Examples of the best solutions
  • When is the city going to be smart?
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    ArtAgro Poland - Modern solutions in the agricultural industry

  • How to deal with natural disasters?
  • Innovation in agriculture
  • Polish products in the world. Export to international markets
  • External funding for agriculture
  • Agricultural technologies for other industries
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    The strength of Polish innovation

  • The role of the state in the implementation and commercialization of research results
  • Innovation as a hope for the SME sector in Poland
  • Challenges and problems when creating innovations
  • From design to commercialization. How to best sell innovations
  • Is there a culture of innovation in Poland?
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    Made in Poland

  • Factors of economic success on the foreign market
  • Made in PL or Made in EU?
  • Geopolitical situation and Polish exports
  • Pillars of the Polish export economy
  • Polish companies as a national good.
  • How to become a global brand from a family company?
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    Promotion of local governments. The image of Polish cities

  • How do you stand out? Effective branding and marketing of space
  • Tourism, culture and sport as a way to promote and develop business
  • How to promote: employment of a marketing agency or work of the promotion department?
  • A stereotypical image of the city. Is it worth changing it?
  • Investor as a way to promote self-government
  • A recipe for effective cooperation between authorities, business, public organizations and the media to ensure sustainable marketing values
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    The future of energy in Poland

  • COP 24 - conclusions and opinions
  • Energy security of the country in a global context
  • Energy investments in Poland. Directions of development
  • Is the fight against smog only possible thanks to EU support?
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Science for business or business for science?

  • Barriers in cooperation
  • Scientific staff for business. New career paths
  • Various models of scientific and business cooperation
  • Finding business partners on a global scale
  • Financing and project implementation time. How do you find the golden mean?
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Polish housing market

  • Mieszkanie + as a recipe for housing shortages?
  • Developer, cooperative, community with the eye of the inhabitant
  • Ways for modern property management
  • Revitalization or construction - which is more profitable?
  • Smart home. Do Poles want and can be modern?
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Investor as a factor of change in the region

  • Poland's attractiveness in the opinion of a foreign investor
  • Investor as a factor of change in the region
  • The impact of FDI on economic development in a regional and local context
  • Poland is still attractive for investors
  • Investment incentives for foreign companies
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Success story - Polish brands on the global market

  • Stories written in victory. Polish brands abroad

    During the panel, presentations of Polish companies and brands whose activities contributed to the economic success will take place.
  • 11:00:00
    11:00:00 - 12:30:00

    Innovations for safety

  • Examples of innovative solutions for the protection and saving of human life
  • Security in the era of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Accident Prevention Challenges
  • Ways to increase safety awareness in Poland
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    Green technologies and the environment

  • Is Polish local government green?
  • Strategies for waste reduction
  • Technology in the service of the environment
  • Illegal waste management. Ways to solve the problem
  • Circular economy
  • Ecological consulting - an indispensable tool for supporting companies and institutions
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    Industry 4.0

  • Man in the face of technology development
  • How to develop 4.0 industry in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way
  • Benefits and risks of introducing new technologies
  • Industry 4.0 and what's next?
  • Employee 4.0 - robot or human?
  • 12:45:00
    12:45:00 - 14:15:00

    Business in culture-culture in business

  • Local government as a cultural creator
  • The role of large companies in supporting culture
  • Tracing iconic Polish films and series - impact on the self-government economy
  • Building a company image by supporting new talents
  • Copyright - real benefits
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    Business in sport - sport in business

  • Building a company image by supporting sport
  • Sponsor, enthusiast or entrepreneur? Is sponsorship profitable?
  • Sports facilities as an investment
  • How to encourage children and youth to play sports?
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    Startup meeting

  • Startup as an investment. Risk factors
  • The role of large companies in the support of startups
  • Spin-offs at universities. Support options
  • Alternative ways to support a new company
  • Polish startups in the world. How we look against the competition
  • Trends in the startup environment. Overtaking market demand
  • 15:15:00
    15:15:00 - 16:45:00

    Export forum

  • Bilateral chambers as a real tool for supporting entrepreneurs
  • Development trends in Polish and foreign export
  • Economic prospects after brexita
  • Industry promotion programs-chance to increase exports
  • 09:00:00
    09:00:00 - 17:00:00

    Exhibition zone

    Fairs within the 6th Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship. The possibility of promotion of brands, services and products by exhibitors.
    11:00:00 - 16:45:00

    B2B meetings

    B2B meetings for participants of the Congress. Previous registration required.
    11:00:00 - 16:45:00

    The Open Stage of the VII Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship

    Space for presentation of startups as part of the "Start to the future" competition, debates, speeches of special guests and presentation of the effects of implementation of projects co-financed by external funds.
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